Oyo’s Global Downsizing Hits U.S. as One-Third of Staff Is Fired in Biz Model Shift


An Oyo hotel in the U.S. Skift

Skift Take: If the cliché “no pain, no gain” applies to disruptor Oyo, then the chain is clearly in the pain part of that equation. The brand has definitely taken a huge reputational hit that will play out for months. There are certainly positives in Oyo’s renewed value proposition to many properties if the chain doesn’t trip over itself.

— Dennis Schaal

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Frontier Airlines Owner Cuts Stake in Wizz Air

Dylan Agbagni (CC0)  / Flickr

A Wizz Air aircraft. The carrier’s largest shareholder is selling down its stake. Dylan Agbagni (CC0) / Flickr

Skift Take: Given the European Union’s ownership rules and Indigo Partners’ previous comments, this news comes as no surprise. Of more interest is where will legendary low-cost airline investor Bill Franke turn his attention to next?

— Patrick Whyte

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AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes Out For Now Amid Airbus Bribery Probe

Air Asia Group

Air Asia Group CEO Tony Fernandes is stepping down, temporarily, as leader of the company. Air Asia Group

Skift Take: There’s always some give-and-take whenever any customer places a big order for anything. But did Airbus go too far to try to sway AirAsia? And what will this mean for CEO Tony Fernandes’ grand digital plans?

— Brian Sumers

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Airlines Must Own Up to Environmental Impact and 8 Other Top Aviation Stories This Week

pixelschoen  / Adobe

Carbon offsetting might sound good, but airlines need to be more proactive and less profit driven when it comes to the environment. pixelschoen / Adobe

Skift Take: This week in aviation news, carbon offsetting has become a popular way for airlines to improve their image, but the reality is they are still pumping millions of tons of CO2 into the air. In addition, the coronavirus continued to hamper travel, including cancelled flights for airlines.

— Danielle Hyams

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Japanese Prime Minister Doesn’t Expect Virus to Affect Tokyo Olympics

Tomohiro Ohsumi  / AP Photo

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe Tomohiro Ohsumi / AP Photo

Skift Take: Japan has doubled down on using international sporting events like the forthcoming Olympic Games as a way to turbocharge its tourism industry. It’s clear from the prime minister’s remarks on Monday that it doesn’t expect the coronavirus to get in the way of that.

— Rosie Spinks

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Centre Pompidou Ramps Up China Strategy With Shanghai Satellite

Pascale Gueret  / Adobe

Centre Pompidou received 3.33 million visitors in 2019; a mere 1 percent of these hailed from China. Pascale Gueret / Adobe

Skift Take: The Parisian contemporary arts institution is taking the long view in its approach to attracting Chinese outbound travelers. This segment is increasingly seeking cultural experiences, so it’s a smart move to park a satellite branch in China’s cultural capital to build brand awareness.

— Faye Chiu

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